Nepal's 1st and Authorized Tibetan Medical Center

The Kunphen History

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Established in Kathmandu in 1973 AD by its founder, Late Dr. Kunsang; Kunphen Tibetan Medical Centre carries a rich history of development, research and distribution of Tibetan medicine and medical systems.

Our Vision

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Kunphen Tibetan Medical Center was established with a vision to serve the primary purpose of producing, preserving and promoting traditional Tibetan Healing practices and products.

Four Tantras of Tibetan Medicine

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The oldest medical system practiced in Asia, The Tibetan medicine more or less complies with the theories of Indian Ayurveda. With thousands of years of triumphant history

Welcome to Kunphen Tibetan Medical Center

A pioneer of Tibetan Medicine and Treatment, Kunphen Tibetan Medical Center is Nepal’s first Tibetan herbal based health institution which produces, promotes and preserves the prosperous tradition of ancient Tibetan medicine and medical practices. Kunphen Tibetan Medical Center (KTMC) was officially registered and established in 1973 A.D, under the name ‘Kunphen Aushadi Udhyog’ as the first Nepal Government recognized Tibetan Medicine Center in the country. Since then, it has been actively producing, distributing and delivering Tibetan Herbal Medicines and daily health and social services in Kathmandu valley along with the rural villages in Nepal and also Nyalam, a village situated in Tibet just at China’s border with Nepal.


A Holistic Approach To Eternal Well-Being!

Practice the art of channeling the energy of your mind, body and spirit. Kunphen, with all its knowledge and resource dedicates itself to the research, endorsement and conveyance of the benefits of Tibetan Medicine and practices. We are proud of our accomplishments and equally hopeful of our upcoming endeavors. We humbly invite you to see more, know more and learn more about Kunphen and Tibetan Medicine.

Clients & Testimonials

Our contentment lies in the satisfaction of our clients who have shown a huge amount of trust upon us. Seeing them healthy and happy gives us the assurance that we have done our work well. It’s a pleasure to present some of the acknowledging and encouraging words provided by our clients.
Richard Josephson

“Kunphen” in Tibetan means “beneficial to all,” and this is certainly true of the Kunphen Medical Center, which has long served Kathmandu’s Nepali, Tibetan and expatriate communities. We have been visiting the clinic for many

Judy and Wayne - US


Living the hectic life in the capital city of Nepal was tough not just for my body but for my mind too. The everyday hustle, college, office and improper eating habits were wearing me out and I could feel it while everyone else noticed.

Rotash - Nepal


For a long time, I had been suffering from vascular disease. I hopped from one hospital to another and visited several doctors, but all in vain. As an active member of the Constituent Assembly, this affected my work and everyone noticed it.

Rukmini Chaudhary - CA member


During my early years in Nepal in the 1980s, while teaching English to young Tibetan monks and living in their monastery, I often heard remarkable stories of a Tibetan Medicine doctor named Dr. Amchi Kunsang Pendok

Amit Raj Sapkota - Kathmandu, Nepal