At Kunphen we believe that ‘Before you try something, you should get a better understanding of it.’
On this page, you will most likely find answers to the most asked questions regarding Kunphen Tibetan Medical Centre and the services and medicines that we provide. We have tried our best to respond all the general questions, but if you don’t find what you are looking for, please feel free to Write to us or Contact us.
  • What is Tibetan Medicine?

    Tibetan Medicine is one of the world’s oldest medical systems that have been practiced for over 2000 years. This centuries old approach to diagnosis of illness is based on Tibetan culture and civilization, Buddhist principles and the philosophical and physical connection between our mind and body. It incorporates natural medical treatment with human diet and behavior and various therapies.

  • What is Tibetan Medicine made of?

    Tibetan medicine is indisputably the right recipe of natural herbs and minerals. It uses no artificial additives.

  • How is Tibetan medicine made?

    The recipe and process of making Tibetan Medicine has remained a secret for thousands of years being surreptitiously handed over to newer generations. Preparing them without detailed knowledge is impossible.
    It requires a rigorous training in terms of identification of the ingredients, nature, quality, effects and processes like detoxification, elimination, precipitation etc.

  • Does Tibetan medicine contain any synthetic preservatives, animal products or artificial flavors?

    Absolutely not! It is 100% natural herbs.

  • How does Tibetan medicine taste and why?

    Tibetan medicines mostly taste bitter because no artificial flavors or sweeteners are used. Basically, it has the taste of the herbs used.

  • Are there any side effects of Tibetan Medicine?

    No, there are absolutely no side effects of Tibetan Medicine as they are 100% herbal. On the other hand, if the medicines are not taken accordingly to the disease or the prescribed dose, it can have undesired effect.

  • Can Tibetan Medicine heal all the diseases?

    Tentatively, yes. Tibetan Medicines can heal all your chronic and even psychiatric diseases but there are various karmic diseases that cannot be treated even with persistent healing.
    Also, Tibetan medicine doesn’t perform surgeries thus immediate physical injuries and emergency cases are not taken under treatment.

  • What kind of illness is mostly cured by Tibetan medicine?

    Tibetan medicine is most effectual in chronic diseases. It helps to improve immunity and also protects from tendency to illness. The most cured diseases include digestive disorder, liver problems, piles, blood pressure, diabetes and mental stress.

  • What is Karmic disease?

    Theoretically in Tibetan medicine, 101 different types of diseases that rule a person on the basis of their karma leading a person to pain and death are known as karmic diseases.

  • Can cancer be cured by Tibetan medicine?

    Various cancers fall under karmic diseases according to Tibetan medicine theories. Various researches and undertakings have shown some positive effect on the stages of this chronic disease. Thus, this as a supporting medication has proved to be helpful in alleviating the quality of life, suppressing the disease and pro longing the life span.

  • How long does Tibetan Medicine usually take to show its effect?

    Depending upon the severity of the disease, the medication takes from weeks to months.

  • How does a Tibetan medical doctor carry out the consultation and treatment?

    Generally, there are three steps that a Tibetan medical doctor follows:
    I.    Seeing: Observing the patient’s movement, tongue, eye, urine etc.
    II.    Touching: Carrying out Pulse diagnosis and feeling other body division like stomach or joints.
    III.    Interrogation: Asking questions about the patient’s experiences, pain profile, symptoms, past accounts, behavior etc.

  • Can the disease be determined by reading pulse?

    Not completely. Pulse diagnosis is an integral aspect of Tibetan Medicine but it requires a thorough examination to learn about a certain disease. However, an experienced and knowledgeable Tibetan doctor can expertise this technique to discover the probable disease.

  • Why do I have to provide my urine sample in Tibetan treatment?

    Urinalysis is a very significant procedure on Tibetan Medical diagnosis. Thus, it is important that you bring a sample from your first urination in the morning in a sterilized container.

  • Can Tibetan medicine be consumed with western medicine?

    Yes. Combination of the two different modes of diagnosis can have no harm to human health. A person who has been taking allopathic medicines doesn’t have to stop using them at once but the dose can be brought to balance with time. However, it completely depends upon the type and severity of disease thus doctors consultation is advised before mixing them.

  • Does Tibetan Medicine carry out surgery?

    No. Tibetan Medicine doesn’t perform surgery.

  • Is Chinese Medicine and Tibetan Medicine the same?

    They are similar but not same. Though both the systems might be interpreted as one, there is a basic difference between their techniques and medicine ingredients.

  • Can I consult a Tibetan Doctor without any visible symptoms or disease?

    Absolutely, you can. Tibetan medicine isn’t just for those who are ill. It includes many other therapies that take under account your current health, behavior and nutrition pattern. Thus, it is recommended to consult a Tibetan Doctor if you want to, even though you are completely healthy.

  • Are people from different origins treated differently?

    Irrespective of people’s origin, the system in which their treatment is carried out is same. But since their habits, behaviors and disease profile differ, there are some essential differences in the treatment methods.

  • Are all doctors Buddhists and lamas?

    No. It’s never an obligation for a Tibetan Doctor to be Buddhist or Lama. The one who has learned and practiced Tibetan Medicine can be an expert regardless of their origin and religion.

  • Do you have to be a Buddhist to take Tibetan medicine?

    Definitely not. Tibetan Medicines work for every human being equally.
    However, according to Buddhist tradition, you can bless the medicines yourself by reciting Buddha Mantras. But in this age, there is absolutely no basis for religious conflicts to consume and benefit from Tibetan Medicines.

  • How Tibetan Medicine is best consumed?

    The best way to take Tibetan Medicine is with warm water. Hot/warm water aids in fast digestion and diffusion of herbs.

  • Do I have to restrict my eating habits while taking Tibetan Medicines?

    No, you can eat your regular food. However according to the type and severity of your disease, you have to reduce the consumption of Sour and spicy food, deep fried foods and you have to stop alcohol consumption.


  • Where and when was Kunphen Tibetan Medical Centre established?

    Kunphen Medical Centre was the very first Tibetan Medical Centre of Nepal established in 1973 A.D at the very same place it is situated now, Chettrapati.

  • What are the working hours of Kunphen Medical Centre?

    We are open 6 days a week (except for Sunday) from 9:00-12:00pm and 2:00pm-6:00pm.

  • When are the Tibetan doctors available at Kunphen Medical Centre?

    The doctors are always available at Kunphen during the working hours.

  • Does Kunphen Medical Centre have a branch?

    Yes, Kunphen has only one branch at Bouddha, Kathmandu that provides the same services and medicines as that of the main Medical centre.

  • How to book an appointment with doctor at Kunphen?

    Upon your arrival at Kunphen, you can register your name at the reception where you will be provided with a coupon. The doctors will meet you according to the coupon number.

  • Are the medicines provided by Kunphen manufactured by Kunphen itself?

    Yes. All our medicines are prepared by us thus we have complete confidence upon our products.

  • Is Kunphen Medical centre a government registered Medical centre?

    Yes. In fact, Kunphen is the first and only government recognized Tibetan Medical Centre in Nepal.  It was registered under the name of ‘Kunphen Aushadi Udhyog’.