Kunphen Tibetan Medical Centre is located in the heart of Kathmandu valley, Chettrapati. It’s the exact same place where Kunphen was first established 41 years ago. The main office has been providing medical check-ups and medicine distribution through our clinic and pharmacy.

Kunphen has grown with time and now, we have our branch clinic and KUNPHEN HIMALAYAN TRANCE CULTURE CENTRE around the premises of Boudhhanath stupa, Bouddha, Kathmandu. It’s yet another small initiative to outreach our services inside the Kathmandu Valley.

Apart from the physically present clinic, we conduct free health check up camps in the districts nearby Kathmandu Valley and we believe that has also been stretching the network of Tibetan treatments and therapies. Kunphen can now be identified as a contemporary institution working towards the study, production and provision of conventional Tibetan Medicine.