One willing to support Kunphen by lending their hearts and hands can do it in ways more than one.
First of all, we would like to make a request to all of you to be aware of the benefits and boons of Tibetan Medicine and Tibetan diagnostics.

We are happy to share our future vision of commencing and continuing herbal cultivation for the raw materials to make medicines. Though the prime motive is the availability of quality organic and unadulterated herbs for the production of effective medicines, the other potential drive is to help save the environment and check the depletion of naturally occurring indigenous herbs.

We look forward to teach and promote the ages old rich legacy of Tibetan Medical tradition to people who show an immense interest in it and particularly to the people in the remote Himalayas of Nepal so that they can help in the upliftment of their financial status as well as contribute to the community as a whole.

Kunphen has continuously been making efforts to organize free medical camps and educate people in rural area about the importance and knowledge of health. We welcome and value volunteers at our Kunphen trance Himalayan Cultural Centre to educate local community and exchange idea freely. For offering you volunteering service for something worthwhile, please contact us.