Kunphen Tibetan Medical Center was established with a vision to serve the primary purpose of producing, preserving and promoting traditional Tibetan Healing practices and products. Tibetan healing is a boon to physical and mental health and Kunphen aims in making it accessible to the people in a present-day approach. Kunphen endeavors to provide the most authentic services to all its patients by means of the knowledge acquired on Tibetan Dharma, Tibetan Medicine and its philosophical traditions.

Kunphen moves ahead with an objective to stretch out the importance and insight of Tibetan Medicine worldwide.


  1. Dedicate our activities to the protection and transmission of traditional Tibetan Medicine and the associated healing sciences.
  2. Work towards sustaining the wellness of both body and mind through Tibetan holistic healing pathways.
  3. Provide genuine health care and aid to the people irrespective of their origin, caste or economical background. To offer free check-ups and medicines for the poor and needy.
  4. Produce unadulterated Tibetan Medicines in an eco friendly method.
  5. Offer subsidized health benefits to the monks and nuns.
  6. Dedicate our time and resource in the research and continual development of Tibetan Medicine.
  7. Broaden the understanding of ancient Tibetan Medical science. And to not only elaborate the theory but to illustrate them to patients so that they benefit from its salient attributes.
  8. Be of assistance in the upliftment of social, educational, economical and most importantly, health sectors in the general public.
  9. Collaborate and work hand in hand with selective NGOs, INGOs and Academic bodies to encourage discussions, research, seminars and conference based on Tibetan Medicine and holistic healing.
  10. Serve as a purposeful organization that believes in quality services, convenience and charity and march ahead in the footsteps of our reputed founder, Dr. Kunsang.


Kunphen Tibetan Medical Center abides by its vows to undertake its missions with utmost responsibility and fetch quality in both its services and medication.

  1. To develop Kunphen branch – Boudhhanath, into a Culture Centre and also extend it as training and learning platform where various interactive classes will offer a wide possibility to study and teach about Tibetan Medicine.
  2. To provide free medical checkup camps on a regular basis inside and outside Kathmandu valley in collaboration with similar organizations working in the health sector.
  3. To establish subsidiary clinics in the remote and rural villages of Nepal.
  4. To develop Kunphen Official Website as an e-commerce website and start online services, sales and worldwide delivery. (Especially to be able to cater to our European clients.)
  5. To develop Kunphen as an authentic Tibetan Medicine brand outside of Asia.
  6. To develop a research centre and to expand the resources of manufacturing plant.