Kunphen – a Healing Touch

By Kunphen
In September 9, 2014

For a long time, I had been suffering from vascular disease. I hopped from one hospital to another and visited several doctors, but all in vain. As an active member of the Constituent Assembly, this affected my work and everyone noticed it. That is when, a fellow CA member recommended me to approach Ayurvedic medicine. I did some research and stumbled across Kunphen. At first I was skeptic about it, but all doubts fled away when I started to feel better in the first few weeks of consuming Kunphen’s herbal medicines. I also used to have serious migraine attacks which, thanks to Kunphen, has decreased dramatically.

Having experienced what Kunphen had done for me, I wasn’t hesitant at all to take my son to them when he fell sick. A few years back, there was a period when my son continuously kept falling sick. And the doctors always diagnosed it to be typhoid. They prescribed him medicines and they worked as long as they lasted. The last time he had typhoid was two years ago and that was when I drove him to Kunphen. Since then, he has hardly fallen sick, at least he hasn’t had typhoid. There is no wonder why I completely trust in Kunphen’s herbal treatments. They have healed me and my family of diseases that other hospitals and doctors couldn’t. I am thankful for the careful service they have provided me and my family over the years. And I am not reluctant to recommend Kunphen to everyone.

Rukmini Chaudhary, CA member

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